beaford-arts-workshop-2008i1Painting with the Earth

The Workshops are designed to allow the participants an opportunity to explore and experiment with natural and locally found earth pigments, giving an experience which may bring insights into the origins of pigments and paint making as well as a deeper relationship with our environment. A simple form of the workshop has been used with younger school and special needs groups but is equally valuable to artists of all ages, offering the possibility of field trips to discover your own local colours and spending time making your own paints and pastels or to fit in with curriculum requirements. The workshop was used by the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon as part of their ‘Devon Rocks’ project and as part of the Appledore Arts Festival 2008. I am currently working with Beaford Arts as part of their education programme.

QUADRAT A Model for Cross-Disciplinary Environmental Education Projects

The initial idea for the workshop was to draw parallels between ‘scientific’ and ‘artistic’ means of observing the environment, a source of inspiration for both disciplines. The idea was then explored as a residency for Appledore Arts Festival 2010, in collaboration with dance artist Katy Lee and ecology educator Dr Mark Ward of the Field Studies Council.


As my environmental art practice has evolved so the range of activities within my workshops has broadened to become more focused on elements of tactile, performative and group involvement. Exercises include observational drawing techniques as well as group painting, dance, murals, working with locally sourced materials and collaborative workshops with environmentalists and cross disciplinary themes. I am presently working with Beaford Arts as part of their 4R’s educational programme (for more information please go to

Workshops are charged at £35/hr (minimum duration half day) + materials and expenses.

For further information or to discuss designing a workshop please contact me.