1967 early days

For a more contemporary appraisal of my ecological art practice please see www.intim8ecology.wordpress.com

Statement 2011

The Art of Earth Connection
Can a single action be creatively catalytic in effort and effect?
May we truly listen to the wind and waves and utter her words for all the world?
Is a prayer from the heart as large as a shout in a crowd?

Only with a relationship and understanding of the natural world can we realistically engage with the challenges, both environmental and social, that we are presently facing. My contemporary practice hopefully enables a sense of reconnection and compassion through the use of appropriately derived materials, and cross-disciplinary actions and events.

Work Experience

Contemporary Ecological Art Practice (exhibitions, expeditions, residencies, workshops, projects, presentations, actions, films, art in and for the environment, socially and ecologically engaged practice, event management and development, interdisciplinary collaborations, blogs, short films) 2010…

Painting Commissions & Exhibitions, South Korea, England & Ireland, 1990…

Artists Residencies, France and UK, 2011…

Teaching & Workshops, England & Ireland, 1995…

Interpretative Displays & Murals, England & Ireland, 1993…

Freelance & Studio Graphic Design & Illustration, England & Ireland, 1985…

Other Qualifications

DBS (Standard) Certificate

Full Driving License 1985-2017

Other Interests

Natural History, Local History, Social History, Family History, Pre History

Food (Asian, Mediterranean & Wild), Contemporary Music, World Music


MA Art & Environment (distinction) University College Falmouth, 2012

BA Honours Degree (2:1) Graphic Design & Illustration, Bristol Polytechnic, 1989

Foundation Course (merit), Portsmouth College of Art, 1986

Secondary Education, Portsmouth Grammar School, 1978-85

(3 A Levels, 2 AO Levels, 8 O Levels)